Frequently asked questions

What is Listo’s Mission?

We believe there should be one view for Resale, Pre-construction, Custom homes, and Assignment listings.

How can I get my listing featured?

Please Contact us

What are the New Buyers Tools?

This is our attempt for a new way to search listings.

(1) It can present new areas according to your budget, and
(2) shows where you can afford your minimum 4 bedrooms. Isn't that cool?

What are the Investor listings?

Our handpicked selection of best investment properties. We take rental income, legally finished basement, multi unit attributes into consideration. Check it out.

What are the Developer listings?

Listo’s handpicked selection of properties that are ideal for renovation and flips. We take following attributes into consideration: lot size, average home prices in that community, and other renovations in the same block. Please contact us if you would like to speak to our dedicated renovation expert. Check it out.

When can I list my assignment deal?

Every real estate transaction is unique. You can submit your assignment, but Listo will review and discuss the validity of your assignment prior to making it public.

How does Listo manage Co-Ownership requests?

All co-ownership requests are handled by our dedicated team that specializes in joint ventures. This team includes real estate agents, lawyers, and accountants. Check it out.

For Custom house builders - When can I list my custom house?

Ideally, we like you to wait until drywall is in.

If you are working on multiple custom units, and are flexible enough to allow structure changes, then please Contact us, and let’s discuss.

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